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smarten up your E27 lamps

integrating super cheap E27 RGB LED bulbs into our Loxone Smart Home


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WiFi E27 Bulb Loxone

I recently wrote about how I integrated cheap WiFi spots from Novostella into Loxone, turning our garden illumination into unbeatably low-cost smart-lighting. The instructions described in the article also apply to other lights. For example, E27 light bulbs which are used in many lamps. In the post below I will briefly explain the differences to the implementation described earlier:


Instead of the WiFi spots from Novostella used for our garden illumination, I am using a E27 WiFi RGB bulb from essentials Smart Home this time. I purchased them for the price of 12,66€. This is much cheaper than the E27 lights from Philipps Hue.

E27 WiFi Bulb


The only difference between the integration of the E27 WiFi bulb and the Novostella spots is the configuration of Tasmota. After the Tasmota firmware has been flashed on the bulbs and they have been set up in your home network (WiFi connection established, fixed IP assigned, update performed) you should proceed with the following configuration (Many thanks to the FHEM-Form. See this post for more detailed information):

  1. Open the static IP address set in your router in your browser to configure the new firmware (Tasmota) of your WiFi Spot

  2. select Configuration / Configure Template and create a new template with the parameters shown in the picture below:

Tasmota Template Configuration

  1. select Console and insert the correct color mapping with the following command: SetOption37 31 (see for more detailed information)

Tasmota Color Mapping

That´s it for the configuration of the WiFi Bulbs in the Tasmota Webinterface. You can test the functionality (brightness, colour, temperature) with the help of the tasmota Webinterface. For any additional steps (for example configuration of Loxone) please refer to my previous post

Summary & Forecast

I have shown you in this post how to flash, configure and integrate cheap RGB WiFi E27 bulbs into your Loxone SmartHome system. I am very satisfied with this solution so far and will equip all my lights, that I do not operate via a wall switch, with these WiFi LEDs in the future.

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